Liberal Misogyny

*editor’s note: this post started life as a hacker news comment

I am consistently amazed by the profound contempt which modern liberalism holds for the traditional role of the wife and mother. In a healthy society, motherhood is not looked down upon or held in contempt, but mothers are honored. As the managers of families and the people that consistently invest the most in the next generation, they are the backbone of society. Every successful person today owes his success to a chain of hundreds of successful mothers, stretching back into pre-history.

It is only as our planning horizon has shrunk from a thousand years to six months that we begin to look on motherhood as a form of slavery. Females are told that they must do anything but a traditional female role to have value in society. We cajole women to act like men. Every little girl that enjoys playing mother with a baby doll is judged a traitor to her sex. In a twist of irony for the movement that enjoys so much flinging the epithet at others, liberalism is misogynist.

It is little surprise that Western liberals no longer breed above replacement rates. Denigrating motherhood is not the way for a people to last the aeons of time. I believe the future of the West is profoundly more conservative than the present, because Darwin. Liberalism is a suicidal ideology.

Who is raising the next generation? To a large extent, nobody. In the upper class, following the finest tradition of Yankee capitalism, the task is outsourced and commoditized. This allows for the mother to join the rat race and earn a second income for the family, but the parents discover that 80 hours of work is now needed to buy what 40 used to do. GDP goes up because more labor takes place in the formal economy, and politicians pat themselves on the back. Is this a way for a civilization to survive?

In fiction, too, the liberal critic demands that a female “defy gender stereotypes”, i.e. act unlike a female. The liberal wants to see warrior women preposterously beating up bigger, stronger men while walking the fine line between being attractive and being objectified. If she has a love interest, she must “own” her sexuality by being sexually aggressive like a man. And her career must not anything too soft or caring – preferably something traditionally male.

I hesitated to use hyperbolic liberal jargon like “misogyny” – literally meaning “hatred of women”. The attitude that liberal feminism shows towards females and the fruits of their millennia of work is more accurately contempt rather than hatred. While proclaiming themselves the champions of women’s rights, liberals set out to destroy femininity. Every good feminist father wants his little girl to grow up to be a boy.


3 thoughts on “Liberal Misogyny

  1. Yes, yes and yes!

    Although I take issue with the some of your definitions, while agreeing in general with your observations.

    “…We cajole women to act like men..”

    Not men, but slaves (defeated men, drones, empty-men, un-men). Men were economically and socially enslaved to the violent hierarchy centuries ago. Now it’s women’s turn. Yay! Girrrrl power! Hear me roar! (etc)

    “…Who is raising the next generation? To a large extent, nobody….”

    If only! ….State schools (using the Prussian Schooling system), the MSM, the entertainment industry and Hollywood (ie the propaganda arm of the military industrial complex) are raising children today. And it’s showing. I think children are coping amazingly well considering what they are subjected to. When they fail to cope well we adults refuse to consider it might be OUR fault. Instead we forcibly drug them or make them wear RFID tags. Being the most vulnerable group in society children are the last to be recognised as having anything remotely resembling ‘human rights’. We accept it’s wrong to hit our pets, but we still debate ‘spanking’ children as if there even was a debate to be had.

    “.. Every good feminist father wants his little girl to grow up to be a boy…”

    Which is to say a good little comrade (feminism = socialism). An obedient, indoctrinated, law abiding, terrorist fearing/ funding, tax paying, statist worshipping, consumer driven, unthinking, economically enslaved, oversexed yet also sexless worker bee.

  2. Very Interesting. I see it all the time, but I can give you my theory. Males always have to be attractive for females in order for there to be offspring. Before the advent of our technological era, physical strength meant protection from danger for women.The trade-off was having children. Most of these women (what we could classify now a days as ultra-liberals) through-out the centuries were persuasive and very intelligent. They would disseminate gossip in order to get with the man that they wanted, in order to live a life of luxuries (whether a king, or a vassal, etc) Children came somewhat second, but it was instinct to take care of your children, who represent a part of you. Normal women on the other hand (the ones who really loved men and their company and a family and are not so interested in luxuries) were more plentiful in the past, since men would prefer to be with a woman such as this and breed with them in more numbers, than be with a smart woman who might actually plot against him in the future. None-the-less, at the beginning of the 18th century, the Industrial Revolution begun, and our way of life began to really kick off, population began to explode, and this was a perfect breeding ground for intelligent women, in order for them to survive and attain luxuries (there were many more men who had new innovative manual jobs and new sources of income and luxury.) However, now came the technological era, in which women can now work and make their own money. There is no need for these women to have men, since all they really care about is luxury and their own well being. There is no more “children” trade off, and believe me, they love it! We are living in the last centuries of these intelligent women, who will cease to exist in a mere 10 generations, since they compete with men (instead of working with them) in order to take care of themselves. The selective trait that will survive in the future, is that of the “conservative” (genetically) woman, or rather, women who instinctively need a man (or company) just to not kill themselves out of loneliness, and helplessness. We are in an era where brute force is no longer necessary, Men always have to be a bit stronger (or better) than women, if the human race is to survive. Therefore, since brute strength is no longer a quality that matters, it is through intelligence that man kind will survive. Therefore, we need to figure out what the balance is. Whatever the balance was in terms of the work output of men vs women in the past (which we can measure economically now) in brute strength, we must now measure in mental ability… For better or worse however, the future looks very promising for both men and women. With all these intelligent women auto-selecting themselves out of the gene pool, women in the future will be significantly less intelligent (as well as also less physically strong) than men, but men will be quite intelligent indeed. Men will work mostly outside the home, but also at home, but women most certainly will stay home more often in the future. It is what men and women are both looking for. Women ALWAYS need to be impressed with a man… never the opposite… that’s just biology, excuse my lack of political correctness. Just the same way that evolution led to women being a bit shorter, having wider hips, and being less physically stronger than men, now evolution will work towards making the women who have children or survive, the ones with less and less brain cells. Sad, perhaps, but it’s just nature, and there’s nothing anyone can do about, no matter how hard you try and scream if you disagree with me. Good day.

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