Carlyle on government reform

I’m working on joining the Froude Society, starting with Thomas Carlyle’s Latter Day Pamphlets. Carlyle’s style is inscrutable, but his ideas are often powerful and penetrating (it’s easy to see the influence on Moldbug). Here’s a quote I enjoyed on government “reform”

Indisputably enough the meaning of all reform-movement, electing and electioneering, of popular agitation, parliamentary eloquence, and all political effort whatsoever, is that you may get the ten Ablest Men in England put to preside over your ten principal departments of affairs.



Jim’s Blog imagines the End of Catholicism

On the last Pope:

At first it will not be that people realize that the papacy ended with Pope Benedict, but rather that they will forget that it supposedly continues, just as the Roman Empire in the west supposedly continued, until people forgot that it was supposedly continuing.  Later, historians will wonder when it ended, and will set a date, and will set a last Pope, and that last Pope will have been Benedict.

Modern Socialism

Rand and Nietzsche complain that Socialism takes away the spirit of man and replaces him with a stomach. Under socialism, man earns value not by his ability, but by his need – “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. By virtue of a empty stomach, one man gains the right to boss another around.

But what becomes of socialism when society becomes rich, when every need is fulfilled? Then the leftist society sinks to an even lower depth – rather than worshipping need we worship mere envy. Thus, “inequality” becomes our watchword.